NPGA Registered Pygmy Goats
Hercules  - Pygmy Buck
Daphne, with two of her baby does in spring of 2002 (orange on lighter doe is from cord dipped in iodine to prevent navel ill, after birth)
Zoe and her babies,
one buck and one doe
Parsley (top) and Petunia (bottom)
Mother and Daugher
This is Godiva, our Nigerian Dwarf and Pygmy Cross - our only "mutt" goat!  Her mom is our rescued Nigerian Dwarf, and dad is Titan, our registered buck.  Isn't she gorgeous!  And she's soooo lovable, too!
Cranbury Brook Farm
308 Federal Road
Monroe Township, NJ  08831-5947
Farm:  (609) 918-0351
Cranbury Brook Farm

ADGA Registered Toggenberg Dairy Goats
Fowl:  Buff Orpington Chickens, Guinea, Muscovies, Pekins
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Bernese Mountain Dogs
Two pygmy does, born here at
Cranbury Brook Farm
To see an actual birth that took place here on our farm on Nov. 14, 2002, Click this box.
*** See birthing link, below ***
Cranbury Brook Farm
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Elsie, our fainting goat with her new doeling born 2/24/05.