Buff Orpington Chickens, Eggs, Buff Orpington Ducks, Lionhead Rabbits, Geese, Bobwhite Quail
  Cranbury Brook Farm's chickens, ducks, and other fowl are all raised in lush pasture, and are free-range most of the year here in Central New Jersey. 
   They receive plenty of sunshine and fresh grass - we do NOT add any additives, drugs, hormones, or antibiotics in raising our naturally healthy farm-fresh eggs and meat.
   Our Buff Orpingtons are a large breed bird, laying jumbo brown eggs all year round.  We sell chicks in the spring and summer months.
Buff Orpington, free-range chickens
Newly hatched Buff Orpington chicks
We sell them each spring through fall at our farm.  Chicks are $5 each;
Laying hens are $15 each.
Muscovy Ducks
Excellent eating (meat) ducks
Many different colors/patterns
Extremely quiet - they don't quack, they "hiss"
Males are $20 each
Tom the Talkin' Turkey
We raised him from a baby, and he is our talking friend ... he will gobble back at you if you gobble at him!!!
Baby Bobwhite Quail
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